Themes & Foundation Issues

The Four Themes

Field Guide 2030 sheds light on the inter-relationships between the various chapters that address specific topics, and between those chapters and four broad themes:

Given the focus on these inter-relationships, it is difficult, if not impossible, to allow one or more of these issues to be neglected while others try to move forward they are all linked together, as the "yarn ball" graphic indicates. The four themes cut across the chapter topics. Each planning committee was asked to address all four themes in their planning, thus providing 13 perspectives as to how best to" move the needle" on these four broad issues.

The Foundation Issues

Two foundation issues were stressed at the start of the planning process:

  • Building community leadership
  • Social capital (and community trust)

The planning committees were asked to keep these in the back of their minds as they developed their plan chapters and addressed their chapter topic and the four themes. Without these, we cannot be successful. These are the "price of admission". If we ignore these two issues, it won't matter what the planning committees propose.