Background & Guiding Principles

Throughout Springfield's history, citizens have taken risks to secure a brighter future for all who live and work here. We enjoy many amenities, such as a nationally recognized parks and recreation system and series of trails as a result. And we benefit from economic drivers like two of the top integrated health systems in the nation and Missouri's top tourist destination. But none of this would be here if our predecessors had not envisioned a vibrant future and worked hard to make ambitious plans become important realities.

Field Guide 2030 builds on the community's accomplishments of the past 100 years, while planning for the emerging trends of the 21st century.

We engaged the broader community to shape a common vision. It was a comprehensive two-year process, involving hundreds of stakeholders. The process included a listening tour of 45 meetings to collect citizen input, evaluation of five community assessments, consideration of organizational strategic planning processes, input from all segments in our community, regional counterparts and City Council and the Greene County Commission. A Horizon Scanning Committee comprised of citizens and City and County staff identified "mega-trends" that could affect our community over the next 20 years, and their report was provided to each planning committee.

two photos: one of a young couple viewing art in a gallery; the other of a large, yellow metal sculpture outdoors