Public Health


By 2030, the community will exhibit a commitment to personal, family, and employee health and wellness. All citizens, regardless of age, disability, or neighborhood will have access to affordable, fresh, and healthy foods, and all neighborhoods will be connected through a comprehensive network of complete streets and Greenway trails. The community will exercise sound preventive health and chronic disease management measures, which will result in a decrease of the chronic disease burden, a decrease in youth and adult obesity, and an increase in our community's overall health status and quality of life.

Committee Members

  • Carmen Parker-Bradshaw (co-chair)
  • Brad Toft (co-chair)
  • Gaylynn Crosby
  • Marilyn Hill
  • Marilyn Lyons, RN
  • Alison Wilson
  • Vickie Sanchez, PhD
  • Tim Shryack, RN
  • Connie Payne
  • Jean Grabeel, RN
  • Bonnie Keller
  • Jodie Adams/Bob Belote
  • Mary Kromrey
  • Jon Mooney
  • Mary Ellison
  • Judy Gonzalez
  • Angela Jenkins
  • Anne Keckley-Brown
  • Athena Andrade
  • John Rush