Education & Workforce Development


Provide leadership and direction to advance an integrated, demand-driven workforce and economic development system supported by the metropolitan Springfield educational systems from pre-school through post-graduate study. Also provide opportunities for our adults be better prepared to enter or re-enter the workforce.

Committee Members

  • Dawn Busick (co-chair)
  • Bev Kelsay (co-chair)
  • Janet Dankert
  • Dr. Alina Lehnert
  • Kent Thomas
  • Kelley Still
  • Lisa Turner
  • John Peine
  • Kristen Westerman
  • Tim Baltes
  • John Everest
  • Sara Cochran
  • Dale McCoy
  • Roseann Bentley
  • Tim Roth
  • Cassie Duckett
  • Patrick Gartland
  • Nick Ibarra