Arts, Culture & Tourism


The Springfield metropolitan community will be recognized for its innovation and creativity – using arts and culture as a catalyst for economic development, quality of life, and civic pride. An environment exists wherein artists and cultural organizations can thrive by fostering opportunities for creative expression and the preservation and celebration of the City's multi-cultural heritage.

Committee Members

  • Emily Fox (co-chair)
  • Leah Jenkins (co-chair)
  • Cheri Norton
  • Charlie Rosenbury
  • Derek Fraley
  • Lil Olive
  • Matt Lemmon
  • Cora Scott
  • Dale McCoy
  • Rusty Worley
  • Jeff Hays
  • Tammy Jahnke
  • Tracy Kimberlin
  • Wade Thompson
  • Gloria Galanes
  • Carl Price
  • Jerry Berger
  • Sara Cochran
  • Jerry Compton