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For more than 100 years, Springfield has generated jobs and growth for the region. The city has also become rich with interesting and entertaining attractions and lifestyle amenities. Yet, we face many challenges in sustaining the quality of life we've built and making improvements that will benefit the next generation.

Our community, with help from a wide cross section of community and business representatives, drafted a set of strategic goals for the next 20 years. This collective vision is detailed in Field Guide 2030, a 20-year plan designed to establish a route for Springfield's future. The guide contains 13 chapters with four unifying themes – sustainability, civic engagement, regionalism and minimizing poverty – that address the most pressing issues in our community at this time.

Strategic planning is about setting priorities. There were many options to consider while developing this roadmap. The chapters address issues to improve quality of life in Springfield, set attainable goals for the area and in some cases, stretch goals. A community plan should do just that – make a community stretch.

Note: The "What's Next" video below, from Oct. 23. 2013 references the other chapter videos. Each of these videos can be accessed with the menu to the left.